Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starting the New Year off :)

I noticed in my last couple posts ok well most of them, I have a picture for almost everything lol please excuse the need for a visual ha, Im in Kindergarten mode! ;) Started the New Year off with fun games at my sister in laws place, my first time playing scrabble can u believe it? lol I LOVE that game, I am secretly competitive (at least I hope Im not obvious lol)so I had no mercy ;) My husband is the oldest of his moms kids, not his dads but we dont see them too much... so we try to pull them together for some FAM time, we all shared some memories and new goals and how we can accomplish them. It was cool spending time with them as we are trying to have better relationships in general and I dont know a better way to start than within :)   we then had a eating after church with my siblings....
Christmas was a lot! my kids are always thought of awww..... Christmas Eve we had a talent show and all the grandkids did a lil sumthin sumthin, I read about one of the prophets doing one with their family so I thought it would be a fun and entertaining tradition to start... we finally got to talk to Sister Ika in Guam since they are a day ahead! she listened to the rules and only spoke for an hour lol still a nerd ha ha but better yet an obedient loving servant :) shes so cute and the only complaint she had was how itchy the mosquitoes make her... actin like we dont got those here!? ha ha shes doing wonderful and I know the Lords work is being shared graciously.  My sister brought us food from her ugly sweater party that her inlaws  had and I hade a bad allergic reaction from the crab wontons LOL so ugly I swear I ate 20 and woke up swollen but I still went to church because it was my 1st cousin Nancy Otukolo's mission farewell and she is going to New York! awesome :) she shared her beautiful testimony and I cried because I admire her faith to become more Christlike... I really liked her statistics she shared about NY, way to be prepared sister!
We had a eating with my Mothers fam, at her sisters house where my grandma Kalo stays.  I talked to her while she ate and I entertained her with my sucky Tongan but shes the only one that I can practice on ha ha shes funny and is in such good health, well shes finally bedridden but shes 88! shes outlived 2 kids and her husband :)
We then ended the night at my sister in laws and they bombarded my kids with presents! I had to put some away for their bdays lol
Cheers (with some ice cold water ha) to the New Year!!!!!!


F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

I must be in kindergarden mode too...cause I hate my posts that are just words, and I pretty much always add pictures...haha!

Sounds like you had a busy and awesome Christmas!

Happy New Year to you and your cute little family!

Sheena Tuakoi said...

Aww, sounds like you had a fun Christmas. :) I agree with Monica, I guess I'm in kindergarten too, cause I always post pictures. Maybe I should slow it down a little.. LOL You have such a cute family! :)


Lol...sounds like a good time :) I'm always adding pics too, but I'm a visual type person. I haven't recently cuz I've been blogging via my iPad, & haven't figured out how to add's killin me! Lol @ ur kids are the "aww" kids....u r hilarious!

The Tauaalo Family said...

hahah I'm in the same boat... I think pictures makes a post so much better! :) Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Enjoyed reading your post!

You're family is too cute!