Friday, August 12, 2011

Ending of Summer 2011

My sister has been gone for a couple weeks now and has finally set off to Guam she is located in Saipan right now which is about a 45 min airplane ride from Guam and learning Chuukese :) shes excited to get to work! we miss her so much but theres something about the gospel thats so beautiful that I cant help but be so proud and happy :)

Athena is playing the piano now, we found an awesome music student that lives in the building next door :) and she starts Kindergarten this Fall.

My brother in law that just moved in with us will be a Jr this year and playing Football for Highland :)

as you can  see we took new family pictures!!! Our good family friend Latu flew in from California on the weekend we had Katies farewell and we all met up downtown at the Temple :)


We just had a Mataele/Ika family reunion, green rocks