Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sick of being SICK!

Last week was not a good week for me, I went to work once and made it to class once! awwww then my good friend Angeles picked up some Olive Garden for me and it soooo made my day, I have been craving it for awhile and yes I am going to anounce in the middle of my blog that I'm pregnant! It was soo nice to hang out with her and her beautiful lil girl, I dont think Riana liked my place... it's ok I dont really care for it either... It's so refreshing to realize how long you've known someone and you are still that close with them to where you still call and get together and pick each other up when their down or just to catch up. Angeles has been an amazing person that I have grown to love, cuz yes she was annoying at first... ha ha totally kidding! I've known her since our youth days and have always admired her righteous ways, I love the way this girl never changes and always stand for what she believes in.... thanks again for the support ang and you need more babies.. ha ha one day I'll get up to visit you! love ya sis... heres to FRIENDS!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Biggest Loser! :0

Ok I am so addicted to the Biggest Loser show! ok well all reality T.V. pulls me.... but I got this show all lined up ;) I am so glad Filipe stuck up and said something, Jillian really didnt help the guy! that trainer can be such a meanie... I mean she was soo messed up when she told Laura she couldn't be helped. Wow that was not cool, I'm wondering how Jillian was thinking that would help her team win? geeze. I was so happy that Mike lost more than enough but like all reality shows theres a twist! good thing the black team has Tara.. what a fighter;) Way to represent Sione and Filipe! they are such hard workers and awesome examples to the future generations..