Monday, July 18, 2011

Sister Ika

My little sister has been called to Micronesia Guam, seems like it all happened so fast because as soon as she left I have really missed her. I am so happy that she has chosen to give the lord 18 months to help spread the gospel!  I know she has a strong testimony and has gone through much adversity to get to the mission field, Im so glad she has made good decisions in her life and pray this will help bless my brothers to come back to church strong.  I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel and the atonement that ensures our salvation if we live according to our savior... I am so blessed to have parents that never took breaks on gospel teachings in our home.  Ofa Atu Sister Ika

my lil ace

My daughter jus turned the big 5 and is so ready for kindergarten, please excuse the bragging because this is for her to read one day ;) she graduated from upstart which is a software that was provided by the Waterford Institute and was free :) she learned math reading and science and has already started to attempt reading books.  She practices soccer and softball with her dad a couple times a week and loves to workout hard with him and Hunter, she loves to learn her articles of faith and just passed number 6 off.  She loves to work on crossword puzzles and draw pictures to hang on her wall.  She always wants me to buy her new math workbooks and cross word puzzles because she goes through them really fast.  This year we went swimming as a little family and watched movies after, she asked for a plant and gummy bears lol.. Her dads sisters brought her tons of gummy bears and chocolate, uncle william aka fish bate hooked her up with some money, birthday song from auntie Ana and Adrian in Oakland, and many texts and birthday shout outs via text and facebook :)
She will start Kindergarten this fall and totally wants to take the bus to school... I told her I can come eat breakfast with her before school and she told me that its pretty much for the kids so I shouldnt lol wow life goes so fast ya know?