Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays

I was gonna send a Holiday card that listed the top five of our 2011... but right when I was gona check out I saw the price was 2.50 a card haa haa so Im gonna blog it :)

1- Athena started Kindergarten and loves it

2- Achilles hits the terrible 2's and kills us but is very entertaining with his dance moves :)

3- Sister Katie Ika got her mission call to Micronesia Guam and is adjusting quite well

4- Last year in student housing! Made so many amazing friends and loved all that came with it such as the free workouts and the free Institute classes

5- 5 years of marriage down.. the growth has been enlightning with a better knowledge of the bigger picture :)

Sad times too :( RIL Janelle....

Heres to 2012.... something I read Last night
Your reputation is what others think of you and your Character is YOU!
Heres to a growing yet optimistic priming of my character;)
Happy holidays please be safe and stay warm, I have korean blankets if u need one LOL



awww great post! You've inspired me to do the same kinda post :) Loved it!! Achilles must be like my Selini terrible terrible 2's!! lol..Can I have a korean sipi just to have? lmbo jk see ya tomorrow!

Go Go Gomez said...

Loved that post! Miss you guys so much! Hope all is well and that your holidays have been nice so far! Let's get together sometime!