Monday, October 26, 2009

jus can't wait for Halloween :)

ok I can barely get my butt up to do things but hey I can blog lol I can't wait to have my baby as everyone has had their baby already!! congrats to Kristen :) she jus had her precious lil boy MICAH last week Thursday, my neighbor downstairs like 3 weeks ago lol had a little girl, my cousin Leafa had her first baby and its a girl! that I still havent seen boo Im sooo flaky when Im prego, my body is out for the whole 9 months.  My sister had her 5th baby  OTTO FRITZ in Sept and its her 2nd boy so they are excited to get a change of pace from the awesome girls ha ha..  My cousin Pulus wife DI had their lil girl Selini... love the name even tho its after monkeys ha ha jk but that too was months ago? lol my cousin Keiti and Sione had their 4th child and 2nd lil girl, Kesaia... so whens it my turn? ugh cannot wait to see my Athena enjoy Halloween she loves seeing all the decorations

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Helping out

I came across the sad story of a mother of six girls that unexpectedly lost her husband. I couldn't imagine the pain this family must be going through, I personally don't know them but I wanted to relay the message to anyone that could help them out because we all could use help at a time when we feel like the world is over.. :( click on the link to read the Maile family's story and to donate anything you can.
Naki's Girls

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its a BOY:)

MY sisters

This past friday my baby shower was held here at my apartments. It was so fun to catch up with friends and family and of course eat all the good stuff I about died over trying to make lol (mind u I only made the candy apples weh with the help of kristen!! ha ha) my sisters including feina lol did so good... Ange u rock!