Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Lavatiana Ika

Vei turned 6 on Septmeber 15, and we all went to the park after Ulysses rugby game to celebrate with Sepeti and Vinita.... in Magna
Here vei is with her number 1 fan.... baby ( well sometimes, its a luv hate relationship..)
Blowing out the candles....
Veis princess clothes present....
Hitting Ulysses weh I mean the pinata...

*Veis jus started Kindergarten this year at Muir Elementary in Bountiful, UT

*Shes a B-town girl born and raised... lol (Lake View Hospital)

*Her name is Lav from Lavell atie from Katie and ana from Jana

*Mele and Taliaulis #1 brat... lol cant help but love this lil gal

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Babies... cant get enough of them!!

So I lied when I said I wont be blogging for awhile... why? cuz sumtimes i jus cant fight it... ha ha

My cousin Neomai came by and brought her adorable baby and this makes me want a baby even more!!! who cares if Im throwing up constantly right? lol oh man Good Times...;)
If my husband only read this... lol yeah right he reads this every night maybe hopin for a shout out... lol we cant wait to have more!!!! and I want one with legs like RUBY MEI, as u can tell she was bein shy showin them legs! she kept scootin away from the girls too, maybe a sign.."dont hold me" lol oh oh oh boy this lil girl is the cutest............