Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Born Lucky

March is a month that has so many birthdays of people I love and adore.  My husb was born on St. Pattys day/.. I think its pretty fun for me and the kids because we do things green.. wish I took pictures of the past cakes ive made.. they looked better than they tasted lol this year I thought I would try this rainbow cake..  I hope I can make it look this beautiful and if it doesnt we can jus use this pix ha ha
My cousin Lita has her big 21 this year and shes also a st patricks day baby :) we are having a girls cousins dinner at Tuscanos and showering her with gift cards from her fav stores :) shes a sweet girl and has gone thru a lot with losing her mom and brother not too long ago... she reminds me of her mom, gorgeous :)

here she is with two other monkeys kes n kt