Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays

I was gonna send a Holiday card that listed the top five of our 2011... but right when I was gona check out I saw the price was 2.50 a card haa haa so Im gonna blog it :)

1- Athena started Kindergarten and loves it

2- Achilles hits the terrible 2's and kills us but is very entertaining with his dance moves :)

3- Sister Katie Ika got her mission call to Micronesia Guam and is adjusting quite well

4- Last year in student housing! Made so many amazing friends and loved all that came with it such as the free workouts and the free Institute classes

5- 5 years of marriage down.. the growth has been enlightning with a better knowledge of the bigger picture :)

Sad times too :( RIL Janelle....

Heres to 2012.... something I read Last night
Your reputation is what others think of you and your Character is YOU!
Heres to a growing yet optimistic priming of my character;)
Happy holidays please be safe and stay warm, I have korean blankets if u need one LOL