Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh the road trips....

Drove to AZ this past weekend for my cousin Selus wedding, so much fun :) but when is it ever not fun when your with fam! story of my life :) congrats Selu and Jason Vanloo

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Football Season!

This year my little brother is gettin some play time down at SUU :) and my brother in law is playing here at the U! its so fun to go and watch :) I was just down in San Jose to see them lose a close one to SJC ugh... but I loved getting to hang with all my cousins (lavells number one fans :)) and good friends I havent seen in awhile! Im pretty sure Ill watch a U game soon but Im booked for the game against TCU, should be a good one.  We are back in school mode and Im hopin and prayin it will go by fast...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pre K is back on :)

My Athena Torika is back in pre school this fall, she is lovin it sooooo much :) I am the worst mom, no kinda pictures from her first day LOL oh well we will have pictures when shes off to Kindergarten... wow it seems way too fast :(
 My baby is crazy and sooo active that he keeps me too busy to be sad so I laugh at his crazy face he makes when hes pulling my hair or throwin his baby food at anything white... oh the life :)