Tuesday, January 26, 2010

as real as it gets......

I luv watching biggest loser..........................
mind you its been a whole year since Ive given this body a "real" sweat, but I made it.
I stretched and could feel the burn, from stretching? yes from stretching so I noticed I was stretching a little
longer than usual but I was in the zone telling myself.... "its ok if ur outta breath before you hop
on the treadmill", it will get easier... so I pushed it and I could just think of all the excuses to just stop
and continue another day, but I didnt I kept pushing through, thru my sweats going up my butt and through
my face burning and my knees screaming for support...... ugh Ill never laugh at people that have merfs
at the gym again! I felt good at first and was feeling "real" as I say about people with too
much confidence, but then it started to hurt :( but I said to myself  "no ones staring at how funny ur running or that ur extremely sweating after the 10 min warm up".......................
So what happened? I almost threw up so I had to slow down and breath cuz I think Im pretty like that :)
finished my run and stretched even more! why? because I was catching my breath so I could make it
out the door with out falling over!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

happy new year :)