Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Heart

Saturday morning I woke up to a startling scream, then silence... I picked my baby up to bring him into the light and saw his eyes rolling back and his hands in tight fists...... my heart dropped and my tears poured... tried to gain composure to call 911.. the operator could barely hear me because I always let my baby chew on the phone.. ugh... but I knew he was having a seizure.. Ive seen it before in friends and family, never thought I would witness it with my baby boy.. :( the paramedics got to us when it was over and he was acting like a regular little boy but with a fever and they told me that was normal for young babies to get seizures when they have high temps.  I took him in myself to get checked out instead of a ride on the ambulance.. right after they said he would be fine he had another seizure, I couldnt stop crying because the dr got nervous.. then anther while my mom was there and each one lasted longer and my heart hurt more and more, My heart ached for my babys smile while he layed there staring up at nothing while the seizure took over his chubby yet tough little body.  No response from him for awhile no calling out to be carried or hugged.... all I could do was pray.......

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lovin Halloween :)

this year has been cold already! hate when snow comes before the day or trick or treatin... oh well :)