Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Little Heaven on Earth

a popular proverb says “Thee lift me and I’ll lift thee, and we will ascend together.”
I got this from an article in the Ensign...  Everyday is a work in progress to achieve a little heaven on earth, with busy busy schedules and a funeral on top of it this week my husband and I have counted our blessings and have pulled more than usual towards spiritual guidance for ourselves and others in our humble abode ;)  A scenario this article puts into my mind is that having a Celestial Marriage is like climbing a mountain and binding yourself with your eternal companion as you climb together and when you have children you tie them along with you for the ride, it puts into perspective our responsibility to live a consecrated life not only to bless our posterity but to make our journeys here on earth together a harmonious(awesome) one! :) I love my life.  May my sweet loving sister in law Janelle Lula Tongaonevai rest in peace and send some love and comfort to her eternal love while he gathers his faith in the lord to endure his stay here on earth, till they meet again! our heavenly father has an eternal plan we can't understand many times but I hope hes comforted in knowing he took her to the temple and that their marriage is eternal... ofa lahi atu

 Famili Ke Ta'engata