Monday, December 22, 2008

Omi Photography!! *shes the best*

Tagged.... 10 years later... 4 u Fiona!

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Random things about ME....
*I love watching the Hills and I jus caught up with the rest of season 4 online last nite at 3am lol
*In my family we were born in twos every where we lived; 1st Hawaii-tisha n jana, 2nd orem-Tonga and me, Vernal-lavell n KT, then bountiful vei and baby athena..
*Ive gone to Snow college, SLCC, and the U... now if ive graduated? we will see... ha ha
*I have a bad weakness for chocolate dunford donuts and slurpees! aah
*I have bad anxiety when I have to speak in front of people, even when theres only 4 people lol
*I believe "what goes around, comes around"
I tag... Ang, Jenilyn, Foou, Kix, Sila, and ........


How could we not see the lights.... wow I cant even remember the last time I've seen them, definitely fun with my very own family...

Monday, December 15, 2008

2008... never too late

Can u believe the year is almost over? where did the time go?
Here are some updates to end the year off
My husband and I transferred to the U as Juniors/Seniors
-school can be so hectic when u have a million and one things going on in life, but in the end its so worth it
Our 3rd year anniversary....
-feels like its been ages.. lol jk we learn together everyday hopefully it will take us somewhere ha ha I love this guy more than myself..
Baby's 2nd b-day
-2 going on 12 i tell ya! Im so grateful for the blessings of family....
I got to intern at the SLC Air Traffic Control Tower
- Met some of the funniest people and learned how strenuous being an air traffic controller can be
Wow did this semester take forever to finish
-a book I read in my ethnic minorities class "Interracial Intimacies", Kennedy (Author) gives amazing insight on race relations in America, "we as individuals can greatly assist in improving matters of discrimination by refusing to embrace unthinkingly inhereted habits and by daring to put into action humane ideals."