Thursday, May 7, 2009

Graduation Time

Senior Rugby Banquet

End of the Season
Janas Graduating June 8th 2009

We are Graduating 2omorrow!

Baby going with dad to his rugby Banquet

I'm so glad to get this semester over with! I'm about 14 weeks pregnant and the meanest ugliest pregnant person lol( thats y there are no recent pictures of me) I been so stressed with school and family life and have the worst morning sickness that I could barely get ready.. so I am so glad to say the longest month in my life is over! Sorry to all the people I've cussed out and threw things at.. umm well we still got 6 more months of that.. anyways I would never reccomend school and pregnancy, well jus for the suckers like me that have morning sickness all 9 months ugh! I know so many women that have done it with flying colors they ROCK..
Anyways I love everyones blog and actually read them instead of blogging.. ugh guilty yes
Hope everyone has a great summer!