Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pinterest! LOVE

Im obssessed with this site...
pretty.... wana make one soon :)

Hunger Games!
Cant wait for this movie and feel a lot better about the end seeing who they casted for Peetah woo saaa ;)
Organization is what I need with my makeup! this is cool

Oh man my kids would love this but who wouldnt? that would wake me right up in the morn lol

Want this to be my next read! Love wearing Toms not only for the comfort but because they donate a pair for everyone you buy, we bought ours in memory of Janelle

Want this magnetic polish for my next nail adventure with the girls..

oh yay a cute healthy snack, strawberries in greek yogurt frozen yummmm

aw the reminder to think of others

gosh I wish I had her hair ....... and her face lol

aw the things we gripe about sometimes lol

me for all my sisters, LOL

we seriously did this! it was so fun wish we had our pics... we also piled up with our heads poking out.. oh how I had such an awesome childhood

shouldve done this for breast cancer awareness, next time!

totally turning my fridge into a chalkboard ;)



lol..I swear PINTEREST is the biggest craze now! I love it too :) I would love that makeup organizer for my mom, and that slide...MAN that looks fun. And yes I did climb up the doorway with all my siblings too!! :) haha

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Love that's so addicting, but has so many great DIY ideas!

Fiona and Hoko Tuakoi said...

I'm so addicted to this site, it's not even funny!! Love your pics!! So cute!! Right now. . . .I can't get myself past the food & the fitness!! :D Such a GREAT website!!

Tami said...

Cute post!