Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This month has been an emotional roller coaster aaaaaaaahhh dont like those rides too much.. reminds me of how human I am lol I have this picture of how I want things to be then the practice part comes into play and I wonder if I should short change my goals... being at home with my kids gives me so much time to think, changes this month have been really hard and we have been trying to get over the slump.  I cant seem to keep the sad stuff outta my thoughts but we are working on it everyday... I guess I jus needed to vent it out.  You know what they say when ur feeling down, count ur blessings :)

Things I am grateful for

A hard working ambitious husband who has come so far with me in spiritual and physical strengthening, Im glad hes here with me on this journey

A beautiful obedient daughter who pushes herself to learn more and more! I have to check on her every night to make sure she sleeping and not reading or doing her math work book lol Kindergarten is far more intense then from what I remember lol

A naughty but oh so cute lil boy whos my bff cuz he literally wont leave me alone ;)

I am the Faith in God leader in my Liberty 3rd ward and enjoy it so much, these girls are so fun and push me to be consistent and alive lol

My testimony of the plan of salvation, I find comfort in knowing I can be with my family for eternity and that all that we do here on earth is priming us for the day when our time on earth is done :)


F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

I feel the same way girl....been on a crazy emotional rollercoaster for several months now and I totally agree with you....I have to focus on the positive and count my blessings or else I'd go crazy. Hope things start to get better for you!

Go Go Gomez said...

That post made me cry! I am so emotional all the time, but especially right now! Thanks for your sweet thoughts you brightened my day! Let's get together soon and we can chat and chill...plus you always make me laugh :) see you at my class friday I hope!!! Hang in there ;)

Fiona and Hoko Tuakoi said...

Love this post sis!! It's so true. I have to remind myself from time to time to count my blessings when things aren't looking too good or even when they are. Cause being comfortable is a dangerous thing, too. Love you & hope things start looking up. :D

Kes said...

i know the feeling kal.you inspire me oh so much!love you..and you are sooo right..sometimes life just gets rough, and it's hard to fight the sad feelings, but thx for the reminder that we are so blessed beyond measure, and to count your blessings.

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